A Sunday Walk around Ringstead Bay

A couple of weekends ago, after a damp Saturday, we decided to spend Sunday afternoon wandering around Ringstead Bay, a pebble beach near Osmington.

We visited Ringstead once in the summer holidays and the views in the bay are beautiful. In the summer, we paid £5 and parked in the beach cafe car park which is only a short walk to the shore. This time, we decided to make use of our National Trust membership (It’s a No-Brainer) and park in the car park on top of the hill and then walk down to the beach.

When we got there, a herd of sheep were crossing the road in front of us and TJ found this absolutely hilarious. He grabbed some grass and tried to feed some of them, but they were having none of it!

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A beautiful Sunday walk – The Rodwell Trail

I have to say that the past few weeks have been pretty tough going. There wasn’t much time between seeing the New Year in and going back to work/school and it’s taken a while to adjust. Add to that 5 birthday parties, a couple of nasty viruses and  trips to Exeter for the past couple of weekends to visit TJ’s poorly great-grandad and we don’t feel that we’ve really had much quality family time of late.

This weekend, we decided to go to Devon straight from work on Friday night to see grandad and then head back on Saturday (for a double birthday party!) so that we could have a ‘home day’ on Sunday.

When we woke up this morning, the weather was beautiful. Minus 1, but with a bright blue winter sky and we knew we needed to get out and about for some fresh air. TJ was super excited when he saw the video a couple of weeks ago of his friend M riding his bike that we decided to go for a walk/ride along the Rodwell Trail in Weymouth.

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