Dino Day at Portland Museum

We are really lucky living here in the summer as there are so many local events put on that we often have trouble choosing which one to go to. However, one event that is always firmly put in the calendar is the Dino Day at Portland Museum.

Portland Museum hold a range of special events throughout the year such as Pirate Day, Halloween Fun Day and the Dino Day which is one of TJ’s favourites.

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Fossil Hunting at Charmouth

For TJ, one of the best things about moving down to Dorset is that we now live on the Jurassic Coast. He has been interested in dinosaurs for well over a year now and he has learnt so much – as have we!

Obviously, living on the Jurassic Coast means that there are lots of opportunities nearby to go fossil hunting and one of our favourite places to go is Charmouth. It’s less than an hour’s drive from us, and if you check the Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre’s twitter feed , you know when it’s the best time to find fossils according to the tides.

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