Camp Bestival – Day 2 (Soggy Saturday)

After refreshing my weather app about a million times on Friday (and having to buy more data!), there was no escaping the fact that Saturday was going to be……soggy. The wind and rain that we endured on Friday was nothing compared to the rain that was expected but there was no way that it was going to dampen our spirits! (To be honest, we were rather relieved that our tent had lasted the night – quite a few didn’t and we thought that if we can survive that, we can survive anything!)

Saturday morning started off bright and sunny with TJ able to eat his breakfast ‘al fresco’. The theme for this year’s Camp Bestival was Rockstars and Popstars and the boys got kitted out ready to face the day.

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Camp Bestival – the first 24 hours!

For the past few years, our friends over at My Two Mums have been going to Camp Bestival. We have seen their amazing photos and read their blog posts wishing that we would get the opportunity to experience this for ourselves one day. Luckily, we were given the chance to be ‘Official Camp Bestival Bloggers’ this year and I have to say, we had the time of our lives!

We arrived on Thursday (straight off a ferry from the Isle of Wight – more about that in a future blog post) to bright sunshine. The walk from the car park to the pitch was quite a trek, mainly due to the fact that we were pitching as close as possible to the festival entrance, but this was definitely the best plan as it meant a short walk each morning into the action. Thanks K and C for saving us a place!

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TJ’s Lego Party

Every year for TJ’s party, we like to have a theme. Last year it was Superheros, the year before was Diggers (with a guest appearance from Bob The Builder) and this year, we went for a Lego party. We try to make as much as we can ourselves and are often up until the early hours in the nights leading up to the party painting backdrops, baking cakes or cutting out templates.

After searching the internet and Pinterest for ideas, we set about creating invitations, chocolate wrappers, food picks and thank you stickers. We found the Legothick font and a block background online and spent hours on Microsoft Publisher putting everything together.

The most difficult and time consuming element to make were the Legoman crayons. We found some silicon moulds on Ebay and then bought 6 packets of wax crayons from Poundland. We peeled the paper off all 288 crayons (!) and then organised them in colours before cutting them up and melting them gently in the oven. Using some clear plastic bags that we had obtained from the Scrap Store, we then made a little packet of crayons for the children to take away in their party bags.

We also bought some plain yellow paper plates, party bags and cups and decorated them with a Sharpie to look like Legoheads

As a rule, we like to keep the children super busy at the party so , as well as hiring a bouncy castle, we set up activity stations around the room for the children to enjoy. We had a colouring table where we had found lots of Lego colouring sheets online. We also printed a Legoman template onto coloured paper so that the children could build their own Legoman (or woman) and decorate it with sequins, stickers or glitter glue. 

We bought TJ an Extra Large Classic box of Lego for his birthday which we took to the party safe in the knowledge that if a few bits got lost, it wouldn’t mean that any of his sets couldn’t be reconstructed in the future. This proved a real hit with the children and gave them the opportunity for some quiet time after bouncing like crazy things on the bouncy castle! We knew we had a few younger siblings coming to the party so we also set out some Duplo on a very handy drawstring playmat. This actually proved really popular with the older children too so we were really glad we decided to take it.

We try to make sure the theme we choose also extends to the food table. This year, we used a Lego storage head for cheese puffs, and decorated a drinks dispenser to again resemble a Lego head. We also made some food picks and cut the sandwiches into Lego shapes.

This year, we decided to make TJ a birthday cake rather than buying one. We hired a number 5 cake tin from our local cookshop and decorated it with fondant blocks and Lego figures. It wasn’t our best effort but it went down very well with the children (and their parents!)

All the children had a fantastic time and lots of parents commented on the effort we had put into making and organising everything. It was really hard work, but the look on TJ’s face when he saw it all set up was priceless.

We’ve said that this will be the last party that we do like this but no doubt we will be tempted again next year. I wonder what the theme will be?

Thanks to Kirsty at My Two Mums for being our official photographer for the day and providing some of the photos for this post.

Home Made Christmas Gifts for Teachers

As a teacher, it’s always nice at Christmas to receive gifts and cards from your pupils. They become a token of appreciation for all the hard work you put in over the term and  let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a cheeky bottle of red or box of chocolates to put you in the festive spirit.

More recently though, there has been an increase in home-made gifts and cards being handed out to teachers and I have to say that it means a lot to know that time and effort has been put into making something special for you.

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Autumn Walk – TJ’s First Piece of Homework!

You may have noticed that we’ve been really quiet on here lately. It’s not  because we haven’t been doing anything and had nothing to write about – quite the opposite in fact!

We packed so much into the summer holiday this year that we have barely had a chance to look through our photos and videos let alone write about our adventures. I will try (when I get a spare hour or three) to do a post to include some of the highlights from probably our best holiday ever, but until then, I’m going to post about the here and now. Continue reading

Butterfly Suncatcher

On the days when TJ doesn’t have pre-school, we like to have some form of creative play organised for him.

This week, we decided to make a Butterfly Suncatcher to finally use up the sweet wrappers we have been saving since Christmas!

After printing off a template, the first job was to cut the butterfly out from a piece of black paper with a craft knife – obviously not something TJ was allowed to do!!

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Dorset Scrapstore

We have always loved a good Scrapstore! When we lived in Devon, we frequently visited the local scrapstore to get bits and pieces to use during teaching practice either to take in the classroom or to make various resources at home.

As our little boy has got older, he has shown more of an interest in junk modelling so our mission was to find a local scrapstore in Dorset where we would be able to get hold of a range of materials to enable his imagination to run wild.


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