If you haven’t already realised, we absolutely love taking photos and seeing how much TJ has changed over the years. We hardly notice the difference in him from day to day which is why we have certain family traditions when it comes to capturing photos.

One of our traditions is making sure we always visit a bluebell wood as soon as they come out in bloom.

Our first visit was when TJ was about 2 months old. We dressed him up in his little bear suit to take some photos – I’m not sure he was overly impressed but we thought he looked super cute!


We continued this tradition for the next three years while we lived in London, going back to the same wood every year.




When we moved to Dorset, we were lucky to have the choice of two beautiful woods – Kingston Lacy or, our favourite, Pamphill (which is actually on he Kingston Lacy estate).



This year, we went to Pamphill super early on a Saturday morning. Due to the fact that it is so incredible, it can get really really busy and can be a struggle to park. If you go early, you also don’t have to worry about anyone else getting in your photos!

We are really lucky that TJ likes looking back through photos as much as we do and is normally pretty compliant and good a posing! (A few snacks in a bag doesn’t do any harm either!)

We spent a good hour walking round and it was just beautiful. Every time you came to a clearing, the ground was awash with a stunning sea of purple.

If you haven’t managed to get to a bluebell wood yet, I would really recommend getting to Pamphill (or Kingston Lacy) as quickly as possible as the bluebells don’t hang around for long!

We can’t wait to go back again to add another image to our collage!

Country Kids


7 thoughts on “Bluebells

  1. Coombe Mill (Fiona) (@coombemill) says:

    What a lovely idea to capture photos each year. If I think about it I could do the same, I must have my 7 years worth of blogging to go through with a bluebell post from our woods each year. The only problem is I probably have a different child with me each time, it is something I tend to do with just one at a time as the woods are right here. We took our hand raised lamb out through the bluebells yesterday….. like dog walking but lamb walking – I think that could be a post heading!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful bluebell walk at #CountryKids


  2. Louise says:

    What a lovely tradition and how lovely to look back on the photos of TJ growing up amongst the bluebells. We usually try and visit a bluebell wood although haven’t managed to do so this year. #countrykids


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