The Dorset Mud Trail

A couple of months ago, we were really excited to see a post on Facebook about a new mud trail that was opening up close to Corfe Castle.

The Dorset Mud Trail, which opened to the public at the end of March, is based in the grounds of the Dorset Water Park and claims to be “the best active family adventure in Dorset, in any weather!”

We decided to visit the Mud Trail during the Easter holiday and chose one of the rare days that it wasn’t raining.

Entry to the Mud Trail is fairly reasonable – £8 per adult and £7 for children 6 and above. The trail is around 3km long with approximately 30 different obstacles to climb, balance on, swing from or step across.

I can honestly say that it was one of the best days out we’ve ever had. Luckily, TJ has no problem at all getting covered in mud and even though he’s still fairly young, he was able to tackle just about every obstacle on the course.

I think TJ’s favourite part was the rope swing. He loved swinging across, falling in and trying again.

All in all, it took us about 2 hours to complete the course by which time, we were getting a little chilly (hence TJ’s slightly less than thrilled expression in this photo!)

At the end of the course are two showers and a couple of hose pipes to help you clean off a little before getting changed. This was probably the trickiest part of the whole day and I would advise wearing swimming trunks/costume under clothes that you don’t mind throwing away to make this easier. Take a couple of black sacks too and a towel that isn’t white!!

The Mud Trail has a small hut from which they serve hot and cold drinks, ice creams, burgers and bacon sandwiches. They have numerous picnic benches where you can enjoy a bite to eat overlooking the beautiful Corfe Castle.

We had an amazing time at the Dorset Mud Trail and can’t wait to go again in the summer when, hopefully, the weather warms up a little.

One thing we did learn however, is that it isn’t a good idea to take a DSLR camera around with you……whoops! (Thank goodness for insurance!)


Country Kids


21 thoughts on “The Dorset Mud Trail

  1. Coombe Mill (Fiona) (@coombemill) says:

    I’ve ever heard of anything quite like this but wow, this has to be Country Kids at it’s very best. This makes the odd barefoot walk look very tame. It must have been seriously fun and energetic not to have been freezing cold at Easter, mine love using a rope swing over our river and falling in but soon run inside to warm up. Well done to you all and especially TJ keeping a smile all the way. Your poor camera, I saw the photo on Instagram and wondered what had happened, now it all makes sense. Some great photos, I hope they are not the last it takes?

    Thank you for sharing an amazing adventure on #CountryKids


  2. RaisieBay says:

    Oh that looks so much fun, I’m sure my kids would love it. I’m not liking so much the photo of your camera though!


  3. Pinkoddy says:

    Oh no your poor camera! This looks absolutely amazing and right up my street. I am doing a Mud Run again this year but without the boys I bet they would love this – and I think it’s even better that they can take as long as they want/need to get around rather than it being a race.


  4. Wherejogoes says:

    That is well and truly the muddiest little boy I have ever seen! But what fun – this is fantastic for kids, full permission to get as muddy as they want – my girls would love this! #CountryKids


  5. Louise says:

    That sounds absolutely brilliant and so much fun. TJ looks like he did well getting round the course and always good to see children getting covered in mud and not minding a bit about it! Good tip about wearing swimming costumes underneath and I can see why a white towel would be a bad idea. Hope you can get your camera fixed. #countrykids


  6. Kids of the Wild says:

    What a fantastic place this is, love it, thanks so much for making us aware of it. It certainly wasn’t there when we did Dorset, and it’s absolutely on our list now! What an amazing adventure for the kids. Good tips about showering and the camera too. #CountryKids


  7. ChelseaMamma says:

    Mine are nagging me to give this a try and I have to admit it looks fun, but I would be worried about my camera too


  8. verymuchsoblog says:

    That looks like so much fun! My girls would absolutely love this although I think they’re both still too small to tackle the obstacles. I love that you can all get involved, what a fun day out. It looks like TJ really enjoyed himself! #CountryKids


  9. Four Acorns / Quatre graines de chêne says:

    Oh wow now this looks like serious fun!!! My gang would absolutely love it, and I’m sure I would too once past the initial hesitation. A mud trail would be so easy to set up here in Ireland, I wonder why they’re not more common. Well done and I hope your camera survives.


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