A Little London Adventure

Whenever TJ is asked where he was born, he is super proud to say that he was born in London. Although we left when he was 3, he still has some fond memories of our adventures up there and we have been waiting for a spare weekend to take him back there for a visit. His topic at school is ‘Up Up and Away’ which is all about aeroplanes, kites, rockets and basically, anything that flies, so we decided that a visit to the Science Museum would be great.

Taking advantage of the lack of parking restrictions on a Sunday, we drove up early, parked at South Ealing tube station and took the underground straight to South Kensington. TJ loved travelling on the tube, taking in all the sights and sounds.

We got to the Science Museum just as it opened and the queue wasn’t too bad at all. We all loved wandering round looking at the exhibits. TJ especially liked the Space exhibition and even managed to complete some Home Learning in the aeroplane section.

We went on the Red Arrows simulator and also visited the 4D Apollo 10 Mission experience which were both great. We spent a good 3 hours wandering round the museum but I still don’t think we managed to see it all!

After a quick snack, we decided to pop next door to the Natural History Museum to see the whale which has replaced ‘Dippy’ and of course, the dinosaurs.┬áThe Natural History Museum is such a beautiful building and the exhibits are amazing. We have decided that next time we visit London, we will head there first and spend a proper amount of time there.

Once we’d taken a few photos (and visited the gift shop obviously), we got a bus to Piccadilly Circus. TJ has an A-Z book of London and it was great to visit some of the places featured.

After a very short walk to Leicester Square, we headed to the Lego Shop. We have wanted to go there ever since it opened and we weren’t disappointed. The displays are absolutely amazing. There’s a tube train, a red telephone box and Big Ben amongst other things. We all loved it and TJ got to spend the last of his birthday money on a rather cool Lego London Bus and a pick and mix box.

A visit to Leicester Square wouldn’t be complete without going to the M&M store and a walk through Chinatown which was beautifully decorated after the Chinese New Year.

After some dinner, we decided that we weren’t quite ready to travel home yet so we walked through Trafalgar Square, Horseguards and St James’ Park where we were lucky enough to see the beautiful pelicans.

We finished our day at Buckingham Palace just as the sun was setting which seemed a fitting end to a fantastic (and exhausting) day!