Winter Sun

Luckily for us, we all finished work/school on Friday so we have a good week to get ready for Christmas. We kicked off our holiday yesterday with a trip to Brighton to visit family and drop off some Christmas presents (stopping off at Starbucks for the obligatory Gingerbread Latte!)

We visited my dad and grandad first and TJ was so proud to show everyone how well he could read now and managed to read all of Green Eggs and Ham which was super impressive.

As the weather was so lovely, we decided to take a wander down to Brighton beach. We had a walk to the bandstand and took some great photos – this being one of our favourites.

I then took the opportunity to go on the i360 while H and TJ stayed on the beach collecting mermaid’s purses and doing some drawing. I’ve wanted to go on it for ages but we never normally have any spare time when we are in Brighton as we are always visiting relatives. It was quite expensive (£16 for adults and £8 for children) but it was a great experience. You can see for absolute miles along the coast or over the South Downs. There’s even a bar on there where you can grab a cheeky glass of champagne if you want to!

There was just enough time for TJ to have a quick run around in the playground before heading back to the car and driving home. What a lovely start to the holidays!


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