Pumpkin Picking – An annual tradition. 

Ever since TJ was little, it has been a family tradition of ours to go pumpkin picking at Halloween rather than just buying pumpkins from a supermarket.

When we lived in London, we found this amazing pumpkin farm in Hooe near Rochester. We first took TJ when he was about 18 months old and we had a great time collecting pumpkins of all shapes and sizes.

We returned the following year and the harvest was even more impressive. It was lovely that TJ was that little bit older and more independent. I think we left with about 15 pumpkins that year which we carved and decorated once we got home!

By October 2015, we had moved out of London and had to find a new place to go pumpkin picking. After a bit of research, we discovered Sopley Farm near Christchurch and went with our friends over at MyTwoMums.

We had a brilliant time and returned the following year. It was great to see how much the boys had grown up and we had lots of fun racing up and down the fields in the sledges or building massive pumpkin towers.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find a spare weekend together to go pumpkin picking with them this year so we went to Bailey Ridge today to pick a couple to carve. It’s not quite the same having the pumpkins pre picked and laid out on hay for you to chose, but we still had fun. TJ also got to make a broomstick with a real life wizard!

We are heading over to see MyTwoMums this weekend for a Halloween Party and will be making sure we take our pumpkins with us! The decision now is what shape to carve into them – what do you think we should do?


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