Camp Bestival – Day 3 (Sunny Sunday)

After Soggy Saturday, things could only get better with the weather. As we woke up on Sunday morning, we were smiling for two reasons. Firstly, the sun was out and the mud was slowly beginning to dry out and secondly, and most importantly. it was M’s 5th birthday! We attended his brilliant pool party a couple of weeks ago, but it was really nice to be able to share his actual birthday with him.

We had quite a busy day planned and, after treating ourselves to a lovely breakfast of sausage sandwich, some ‘proper toast’, a crepe with honey for the boy and a cup of tea, we headed to the Big Top to see the rather brilliant Andy and The Odd Socks.

We are big Andy fans in our house and we especially love watching Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures but had no idea what to expect with the Odd Socks. As soon as the music started, we were all jiggling along –  even the adults. The boys were doing their best robot dances and had permanent smiles on their faces. When the song ‘Unique’ came on, I have to say that we all got a little emotional – it was one of those songs where the words have real meaning – if you get the chance, have a listen here.

After that, it was a quick wade through the mud to the Spinney Hollow for the boys to make their swords. They were each allocated an adult and, after deciding which sword to make (TJ chose a Ninja one), they were instructed how to use a draw saw safely. Once finished, they had to swear an oath which included the promise that they wouldn’t use their sword to hurt anyone or anything! Phew! TJ and M really enjoyed this activity and we would definitely do something like this again.

Next stop was the Dingly Dell to celebrate M’s birthday with cupcakes! We also got to meet Lesbemums and their lovely little boy T. It was great going back there in the sunshine and TJ ended up making a fantastic helicopter from pieces of wood that he found scattered around!

After a quick cuddle with some very cute chicks we headed back through Lizzie’s Way. This was where the mud kitchens were (but we’d kind of had enough of mud by this point!) so TJ made a wish instead and planted it in the Wish Garden. He wished for a magic wand which we thought was pretty cool.

By the afternoon the weather had really picked up and we caught a glimpse of what Camp Bestival had been like in previous years. It was really nice to be able to sit down on the grass, listening to music and just chilling out. The amazing smells coming from the food stalls were incredible and it was difficult to know what to choose to eat. In the end, we went back to our favourite – The Garlic Farm – where we had garlic bread with chorizo and their delicious Garlic Chilli.

We went back to the Dingly Dell in the evening to watch the lantern procession before finding a space to listen to the brilliant Leftfield and watch the fireworks display which signalled the end of our first Camp Bestival.

We had an absolutely amazing time and TJ hasn’t stopped talking about it since. The range of activities on offer for children is fantastic and we are looking forward to going back to try out different things next year. The rain and mud did make it a challenge at times but it also brought people together in a typical “Keep Calm and Carry On” way. We cannot recommend Camp Bestival highly enough.

Take a look at our highlights!

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**We received a family ticket for Camp Bestival this year but all views and opinions are our own.




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6 thoughts on “Camp Bestival – Day 3 (Sunny Sunday)

  1. Coombe Mill (Fiona) (@coombemill) says:

    This looks like a fantastic day at Camp Bestival, I thought you were talking about the whole weekend, the amount you managed to squeeze into your third day there! It’s great that TJ and M had such a wonderful day together creating and having fun for M’s birthday. I bet TJ’s already begging to go back to Camp Bestival again next year!

    Thanks for sharing with me on #CountryKids.

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