Camp Bestival – Day 2 (Soggy Saturday)

After refreshing my weather app about a million times on Friday (and having to buy more data!), there was no escaping the fact that Saturday was going to be……soggy. The wind and rain that we endured on Friday was nothing compared to the rain that was expected but there was no way that it was going to dampen our spirits! (To be honest, we were rather relieved that our tent had lasted the night – quite a few didn’t and we thought that if we can survive that, we can survive anything!)

Saturday morning started off bright and sunny with TJ able to eat his breakfast ‘al fresco’. The theme for this year’s Camp Bestival was Rockstars and Popstars and the boys got kitted out ready to face the day.

First stop was the Castle Stage to see Mr Maker and Mr Tumble. TJ is a big fan and it was lovely to see his face light up when they came on stage (especially The Shapes!) and joining in with the dance moves – Big Box, Little Box!

Around lunchtime, the weather started taking a real turn for the worse and we headed back to Art Town in the Lower Kid’s Garden. TJ made a fantastic Rockstar wristband and spent ages surrounded by scrap to make a ‘dragon’. We also paid a return visit to the CBeebies tent where he coloured a dinosaur picture – wearing a dragon tail (as you do!)

After lunch, we went to the Bollywood tent. Due to the weather, it was absolutely packed in there but the atmosphere was great. Our favourite part was when Big Fish Little Fish came on  – the place came alive and we had a great time.

After that we decided to take a look at the ‘Dingly Dell’ braving the muddy puddles along the way. By this point, we had dressed TJ in some waterproof trousers as well as his lovely yellow coat and we were very glad we did! When we reached the playground, a mud slide had been created alongside the swings and climbing frame. After seeing a few children going down, TJ just couldn’t resist it! He was absolutely covered by the time he’d finished but had the “best time ever!”

Lizzie’s Way was closed due to the weather so we carried on towards Crafty Corner. It was here that TJ got the opportunity to make his own Tie-Dye t-shirt (a bargain at £5!) He was asked what colour he wanted (bright pink obviously) and the design he wanted (spotty) and was shown how to tie elastic bands to create the pattern. He was thrilled with the finished outcome!

Next stop was the den building. For just £2 a tool, the children could use hammers, saws and power tools to build their own adventure playground. TJ had  go with a saw but the wood was really damp which made it quite difficult to cut. We knew the weather was due to improve on Sunday and that we would be visiting the Dingly Dell again to celebrate M’s birthday so decided to call it a day with TJ saying that when he came back, he wanted to make a helicopter!

After some proper comfort food thanks to Higgidy Pie, we headed back to the Castle Stage in time for Holly Johnson who was brilliant and Madness who were, I’m afraid to say, a little disappointing……perhaps it was the rain, perhaps it was the fact that they came on late, or perhaps it was a combination of the two but we left after the first few songs to get an early night hoping that the worst of the weather had passed.

**We were provided with a family ticket to attend Camp Bestival this year but all views and opinions are our own.


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