A Sunday Walk around Ringstead Bay

A couple of weekends ago, after a damp Saturday, we decided to spend Sunday afternoon wandering around Ringstead Bay, a pebble beach near Osmington.

We visited Ringstead once in the summer holidays and the views in the bay are beautiful. In the summer, we paid £5 and parked in the beach cafe car park which is only a short walk to the shore. This time, we decided to make use of our National Trust membership (It’s a No-Brainer) and park in the car park on top of the hill and then walk down to the beach.

When we got there, a herd of sheep were crossing the road in front of us and TJ found this absolutely hilarious. He grabbed some grass and tried to feed some of them, but they were having none of it!

We noted on the sign that the beach was about a mile away and it should take us 30 minutes to get there – no problem we thought!

The journey down was lovely. We walked through a farm, over stiles and past a herd of cows before reaching the beach. It was as beautiful as we remembered and it wasn’t long before TJ decided to go for a little paddle.

He waded carefully into the water (which was freezing by the way!) and was having a great time filling up his water squirters and trying to spray us with them. He then decided to start jumping the waves……unfortunately he didn’t quite realise that the stones were unstable and he fell over – fully clothed and fully submerged! TJ is a great swimmer and super confident in the water and was back on his feet within seconds. However, we had forgotten ‘Rule #1 when going to the beach – bring spare clothes’! They were in the car, 30 minutes away, back up the incredibly steep hill.

Covering TJ (and his modesty) in our hoodies, I decided to walk back up to the car on my own and then drive to the beach car park to pick them up. I won’t lie – the walk back up the hill was such hard work! I clocked up a good few steps on my Fitbit and my heartrate went into ‘peak’ zone for quite a while! The 30 minute walk down became  an hour walk back up and I was a sweaty mess by the time I reached them back at the beach cafe.

We can’t wait to visit Ringstead again but we will definitely be bringing a spare set of clothes AND we will pay £5 to park at the beach cafe! We won’t be making the same mistake twice!

Country Kids


15 thoughts on “A Sunday Walk around Ringstead Bay

  1. Clare - Flips flops or Wellies blog says:

    This is funny! Yes many a time our kids have also been shrouded in an adult jumper due to bad planning! Sounds like to walk back may have been too much for little’n anyway and you would have ended up carrying him! Got to love a free car park though! #CountryKids


  2. Coombe Mill (Fiona) (@coombemill) says:

    What a beautiful walk, I can see why you chose to walk down to the beach from the top. TJ looks like he’s in his element on the beach jumping and splashing around, mine still need spare clothes packed for them when we go to the beach and they’re all teens. I bet TJ loved his time on the beach, he looks very comfy in your hoodie

    Thanks for linking up with #CountryKids.


  3. Helena says:

    Awww bless him. Love the photo of him dressed in hoodies. I’m sure the walk down did you good but I dislike hills so climbing back up would be something I’d have disliked doing too. #Countrykids


  4. Sherry Cook says:

    I’ve visited the area many times before but never actually been here. It looks like a great trip out and it’s on my list for next time I’m down there #CountryKids


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