Crabbing at Poole Quay

After a pretty eventful Easter Holidays (Week 1 and Week 2), we decided to fit in one more little adventure before going back to work and school on Monday.

TJ has been talking about going crabbing for ages so we decided to take him on a trip to Poole Quay.

If you haven’t been before, crabbing is a really fun thing to do for a very cheap set up. Basically, you need a large bucket, a hand line, a net and some bait. All in all, you can buy all of this for about £5 and there are lots of places along the Quay where you can buy a crabbing kit.

For the bait, we always use bacon – lardons if you can get it, or just normal smoked bacon that you put in the bag attached to the hand line. The crabs absolutely love it and it doesn’t smell as bad as fish bait! Luckily there’s a little Tesco along the Quay where you can buy some if you forget to bring some with you.

Poole Quay is a great place to go crabbing and we’ve always been pretty successful when we’ve been. We’ve tried at Weymouth before and haven’t really had much luck. It’s tricky keeping a 5 year old occupied for any length of time when you’re not catching anything!

We set up close to the RNLI museum and put down our lines. Literally, within a couple of minutes we’d caught our first crab. TJ was beyond excited. He’s getting really good and reeling them in now and was even able to help with the net this time.

We caught about 10 crabs in total and were there for over two hours! Before we returned them carefully to the sea, TJ picked one up to have a closer look. He’s so gentle with animals and we love that he isn’t scared of them. (Unlike me who nearly fell into the Quay when a crab escaped and I desperately tried to get away!!)

All in all, it was a great morning. Cheap, exciting and a lovely family activity. Why don’t you give it a go?

Country Kids


13 thoughts on “Crabbing at Poole Quay

  1. babyfoote says:

    We love rockpooling. We’re lucky to live right next to the coast, and my boys like nothing better than grabbing a bucket and net, and heading out to see what they can find in those rockpools. I’m going to add lardons into the mix next time – they’d love it if they could grab some crabs sooner – thanks for the tip!



  2. daisythebus says:

    We adore crabbing (although it is not exactly easy to do here in land-locked Luxembourg 😉 ) If you are short of bait (or there is no Tescos around), use limpets – the round-shelled creatures stuck to the rocks all over the coast. Prise them off with a pocket knife; the crabs go crazy for them and their tough “flesh” means you can use one limpet over and over again. #CountryKids


  3. Coombe Mill (Fiona) (@coombemill) says:

    It’s great that TJ loves crabbing with you along the quay, my lot used to love going crabbing along Padstow Harbour. TJ looks so happy looking at all the crabs in the bucket, it’s wonderful seeing how confident he’s grown at catching the crabs. I bet he’s already looking forward to crabbing again plenty of times throughout the summer.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids


  4. mudpiefridays says:

    This looks like such good fun and I am sure my Monkey would love it. I feel a little guilty that we’ve not done it before. TJ definitely looks impressed with his haul. Bless him #CountryKids


  5. Louise says:

    Crabbing is such good fun – haven’t done it in a long time though and the only time I tried it with Jessica, we weren’t very successful! Looks like you managed to catch plenty of crabs and I love how gentle TJ is being whilst holding the crab. I’m not sure I would be brave enough to do that though – I’m happy to study them in the bucket, but holding them is not for me! 🙂 #countrykids


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