Home Life Project – January 2017

One of our New Year Resolutions was to try to keep more of a record of our daily life – the little things that make you smile and the things that sometimes get lost in the hussle and bussle of the daily routines. We have been following Maybush Studio for a while on Twitter and Instagram and have often considered joining in with the Home Life Project but have never quite got round to it.  We decided that this month would be different and hopefully we will be able to continue to link up throughout the year.

If you’ve read our blog before, you’ll know that we love crafting or “making” as TJ calls it. On Saturday morning, we took our trip to the Dorset Scrapstore but due to a birthday party, we didn’t have time to look at our haul and promised TJ that we would look at it on Sunday morning. Our 5:55am wake up call meant that he must have been dreaming about “making” all night  so that was the first activity of the day.

Having started school in September, it seems that birthday parties now feature quite highly in our weekends. As well as the party on Saturday, we also had one on Sunday at Fantasy Island in Weymouth. TJ loved the soft play and was even more excited to be allowed to go on the outdoor rides. He even got to go on the bumper cars for the first time and loved every minute.

After over three hours of partying (!), it was time to get back for a delicious roast dinner. Yes, that is a huge slab of stuffing on TJ’s plate – he absolutely loves it, especially dunked in bread sauce and quite frankly, who doesn’t?


After dinner, we needed a sit down and tried to take a photo to hit the brief of this month’s Home Life Project – “night – time windows”.


I love this photo of TJ wrapped up in my dressing gown watching TV for a while before his bath. He looks super comfy and it was nice to have a go at taking a photo in a completely different style to normal.

Bedtimes became quite a challenge over the Christmas holidays so it’s been good to get back into the Sunday night ritual – checking book bags, signing the reading record, bath and then bed.

TJ got the complete set of Roald Dahl books for Christmas and really enjoys us reading them to him or listening to them in the car. The current favourite is Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator (I think he likes us doing all the accents!)


Thankfully, it was a nice easy settle and TJ was alseep in time for us to wind down ready to watch the latest episode of Sherlock – happy Sunday!

Home Life Photography Project

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