Home Made Christmas Gifts for Teachers

As a teacher, it’s always nice at Christmas to receive gifts and cards from your pupils. They become a token of appreciation for all the hard work you put in over the term and  let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a cheeky bottle of red or box of chocolates to put you in the festive spirit.

More recently though, there has been an increase in home-made gifts and cards being handed out to teachers and I have to say that it means a lot to know that time and effort has been put into making something special for you.

This year, with TJ starting school, we have experienced a bit of role-reversal and have had to think about gifts for teachers and teaching assistants in the run up to Christmas. We though about wine, smellies or chocolates,  but being quite creative, we decided to take a look on Pinterest and make something of our own.

We opted for snowmen made up of 3 small glass jars which we bought from Wilko (£4 for 12). One filled with marshmallows, one with hot chocolate powder and the other with red and green jelly beans. TJ helped with filling the jars and using stampers to make the labels. We then made a hat out of black card, drew on some  buttons and a face using a Sharpie and wrapped ribbon around it to create a scarf.


We are pretty happy with the finished result and hope the teachers and TAs like them.

What have you decided to do for your children’s teachers?


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