Autumn Walk – TJ’s First Piece of Homework!

You may have noticed that we’ve been really quiet on here lately. It’s not  because we haven’t been doing anything and had nothing to write about – quite the opposite in fact!

We packed so much into the summer holiday this year that we have barely had a chance to look through our photos and videos let alone write about our adventures. I will try (when I get a spare hour or three) to do a post to include some of the highlights from probably our best holiday ever, but until then, I’m going to post about the here and now.

We have been going through some massive changes in our family over the past three weeks – the most important of these being TJ starting school. He has just completed his second full week and really appears to have taken it all in his stride. We are so proud of him and although we know it won’t always be plain sailing, we couldn’t be happier with the way he has started. He genuinely seems to love it and is even apparently eating the school dinners! Not sure what that says about our cooking!

This week, there was a little note on the school newsletter asking parents to share something autumnal that the children might have discovered during their outdoor exploring. We don’t need much encouragement to get outside so we decided to spend Sunday afternoon wandering around our local woods. TJ loves going there and we always seem to walk a different way round every time we go. It was nice to go with a specific aim and we set about collecting leaves, twigs and acorns ready to make pictures and models when we got home. We were really lucky to spot a small group of grazing ponies during our walk and also to see a beautiful dragonfly laying eggs on a log! TJ even managed to take a few photos and videos of it!

When we got home we did some leaf painting, made a model hedgehog out of clay and twigs, used stickers to make leaf monsters and also created a leaf man with sticks for his arms and legs. TJ loves being creative and it’s good for him to have more of a purpose – he can’t wait to take everything in to show his teacher tomorrow!


Click on the link to see a little video we put together of our Autumn Walk.




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