A Day Out In Bath

Before we moved to Dorset, we had a think about all the places we used to go before TJ was born; Cornwall, Devon, Bristol, Bath…. Although it was fantastic living in London, it would often take nearly 2 hours to escape the M25 so going somewhere like Bristol was a weekend away rather than a day trip.

When we got to Dorset, one of the first things we did was look at a map and see where we could get to more quickly and easily. We were pleased to discover that Bath was only an hour and a half away from us now and we have been meaning to get there for the past year or so!

Last Sunday, we had a bit of spare time and were also in the mood for celebrating. On Monday, it was exactly a year since we moved. It’s been a crazy time – but the best decision we ever made.

The journey to Bath was a breeze – TJ was quite happy spotting cows and sheep on the way and we arrived just after lunch. The first place we went to was Sally Lunn’s for one of their famous buns. We are all big cinnamon fans so all three of us had a toasted bun smothered in cinnamon butter – it was delicious!


There is also a small museum located in the basement of the historic eating house where you get to see how the buns were traditionally made. The basement also houses a small shop where you can buy some buns to take home as well as the delicious cinnamon butter!

After our little pit stop, we then went to Parade Gardens so that TJ could look for minibeasts (his current favourite pastime!) We were a little surprised that there was a charge to get into the gardens – £1.50 per adult and 80p for children over 5. Although the gardens are lovely and very well kept, we’re not quite sure what you get for your money. You even need to pay an additional 20p if you need the toilet! Anyway, it was a lovely bright sunny day so we spent a bit of time in there admiring the view of the weir and searching for woodlice and spiders!

By this time, it was late afternoon and we were all starting to think about dinner. As it was a special occasion, we decided to treat ourselves to a meal at Jamie’s Italian. It always feels like a real treat eating there, but to be honest, it’s such good value that it’s not really any more expensive than a meal at Pizza Express or Nandos (two of our other favourite restaurants!)

The food was excellent, the service was fantastic and we couldn’t recommend it enough. TJ loved being able to use his retro Viewmaster to look at the kid’s menu and he thoroughly enjoyed his cheesy pasta with 7 hidden veg! The Italian burger was amazing as were the polenta chips and Italian nachos.We can also highly recommend the non-alcoholic ginger mojito. As Gold Club members, we also received three free tasters – primavera bruschetta – which were really lovely and not at all what we would normally order.

All in all we had a really lovely afternoon in Bath – can’t wait to go back again soon!




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