Dorset Scrapstore

We have always loved a good Scrapstore! When we lived in Devon, we frequently visited the local scrapstore to get bits and pieces to use during teaching practice either to take in the classroom or to make various resources at home.

As our little boy has got older, he has shown more of an interest in junk modelling so our mission was to find a local scrapstore in Dorset where we would be able to get hold of a range of materials to enable his imagination to run wild.


After doing some research, we discovered that there had been a scrapstore in Puddletown. Unfortunately, this closed down in April but a new one was opening in Poole. We took a trip down there during the Easter holidays and were lucky enough to receive free membership (a saving of £5).

The way the scrapstore works is that you decide whether you want to fill a bag or a black sack. Bags cost £4 and a black sack costs £7. Basically, you then wander around filling your bag/sack with whatever your heart desires! Some items have a limits – perhaps 1 or 2 per bag – but generally you can take however much you need. We were pretty impressed our haul!

Our little boy loved the freedom of being able to choose whatever he wanted (within reason!) and we were easily able to fill a black sack on our first visit. The store also sells art and craft materials at a discounted rate – glue spreaders are 10p, a pack of lollypop sticks are 50p and ready mixed poster paint is only £1.50 a bottle.

We have loved making all sorts of things with the materials we collected and can’t wait to visit again soon to replenish our stocks!


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